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Mona Matthews

Mona is a Nigerian handmade leather brand that helps express uniqueness and guarantees comfort. Our services include ready-made shoes and bags suitable for various personalities, occasions and moods. If style is who you are without having to say it, then you’d best have the right accessories on.

Mak Nisy

Mak Nisy is a fashion line that specializes in designing and producing handmade bags, shoes, accessories and corporate items with leather, African fabrics and a variety of print fabrics. Our products are all handmade with good quality materials and are proudly made in Nigeria.

Joko Edu

Joko Edu designs and makes bags that are minimal and functional. They are all handmade in Nigeria.


Leather Tribes

Leather Tribes is a bespoke leather product making company founded by a young Nigerian couple, Adeyinka & Sulola Adeyanju ‘’Mr & Mrs Cobbler’’.  Leather Tribes is poised to make a mark in leather works in Africa and in the international market starting from making an impact in its home country by improving the rate of employment and self-reliance of its youth, and creating new talents to service the diverse world of leather fashion.

Oyani Signature

Oyani Signature is an award-winning fashion accessory brand that is leveraging multi-functionality in the design of its handmade leather accessories. This Avant-Garde brand sources their materials locally and utilizes the services of skilled local artisans in the production of these unique accessories. 

Lamide Samuel 

Lamide Samuel is an artisanal leather accessories label. Made in Africa we take pride in employing traditional artistic techniques of craftsmanship to interpret local creative genius with an urban and contemporary taste. Our designs appeal to fashion forward consumers who value authenticity and style. 


Morin.O is a contemporary leather accessories brand inspired by artistic innovation and ethnic designs for the sassy, confident and fashionable individual. We pride ourselves in the production of exclusive handcrafted leather accessories to accentuate your style.


This is Luvaghi, where every single piece we make speaks to every woman! Whether you are a fun-loving or conservative person, we have a bag or pair of footwear that will definitely speak to you. All handcrafted and made with love in Nigeria.